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Legal Education and Advocacy in Pediatrics

(757) 668-7000

Sometimes families need legal help with problems that are bad for their children's health and safety. If you feel issues you cannot control are hurting your child, we can help you understand your rights. We are Legal Education and Advocacy in Pediatrics (LEAP). 

Help with Your Home

Children with problems like asthma or allergies need more than medicine. Cigarette smoke, lead paint, mold, and mildew can all hurt your child's health. You and your family have a legal right to live in home without these problems. If your landlord won’t fix them, you may need legal help.

Help with Benefits

If you are having trouble getting Medicaid or other benefits, you may need legal help.

Help with Family Issues

Child custody, visitation, protection orders, and other family issues can be stressful and hard. If your family is having problems like this, you may need legal help.

More Help For Families

The Legal Aid Society of Eastern Virginia offers free legal help to families who can't afford it. They can help with many issues that affect your child, including:

  • Consumer: Car title loans, contracts, debt collection, and bankruptcy.
  • Education: Special education, early intervention, disabilities, school discipline, and expulsion.
  • Employment: Wage claims, job discrimination, and unemployment.
  • Domestic: Divorce, child support and custody, and domestic violence.
  • Housing: Public housing, landlord problems, maintenance, unsafe living conditions, foreclosure, and eviction.
  • Public Benefits: Medicaid, Medicare, FAMIS, SCHIP, hospitalization, TANF (food stamps), SNAP, and SSI/SSDI.
(757) 668-7000

Getting a LEAP referral is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Tell your CHKD doctor or social worker what is hurting your child to see if a LEAP referral is right for you.
  2. The social worker will help you determine the correct legal resource to pursue based on the problem you are facing.
  3. Contact LASEVA at (757) 627-5423 or Regent Law Clinic at (757) 352-4720. Your doctor or social worker will tell you which number to call.