Additional Parking Information

Families arriving for emergency services at CHKD's Emergency Center will park in designated spots on the first floor of the Raleigh Staff Garage located on Raleigh Avenue. A security guard will provide families with a parking pass to gain access to the garage.

Visitor parking is provided in a garage adjacent to CHKD. The entrance is on Olney Road, facing Wagner Avenue. CHKD has arranged free all-day parking for one car per patient per day -- with proper paperwork. For all others, there is a change for parking beyond the first hour. There is also a parking lot near Children's Medical Tower.

For additional parking needs, you may buy discount books by calling Edison Parking Corporation at (757) 446-5618, which operates all visitor lots in the Medical Center complex. Long-term discounted parking is also available.

Download a copy of the CHKD campus map.