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Join The Morning Point's Mike and Woo Woo for the 18th annual Radiothon to benefit CHKD, November 4-6. Hear amazing patient stories and be inspired as Mike and Woo Woo broadcast live from the lobby at CHKD to raise money for our kids. Call (757) 668-9000 to pledge your support –  phone banks will be open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Meet our kids below. 

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Emma Brookover

“It’s the most difficult thing when your kid is not well. Not only has CHKD helped us with Emma’s anxiety, CHKD is like a family now. They take care of everybody.” – Jamie, Emma’s dad

Carter Hassell

“When you hear cancer, you automatically think the worst. You think, ‘I’m going to lose my child.’ CHKD saved our daughter’s life.” – Barbara, Carter’s mom

Alex Doan

“It is so important that we have CHKD in our backyard. It’s always the unexpected time that you will need their care.” – Dana, Alex’s mom

Zachary Doyle

“CHKD’s doctors, nurses, and staff give so much love, support, and encouragement. It’s as if they are cheering Zachary on, as well as our whole family. The care has been phenomenal.” – Susan, Zachary’s mom 

To'Nasia Edwards

“Thanks to CHKD, my daughter was able to stand up out of her wheelchair and walk across the stage to accept her high school diploma. Today, she’s attending Norfolk State.” – Alice, To’Nasia’s mom

Tymiere Grayson

"I love being at CHKD and being surrounded by people that love me. The whole hospital is there for me." - Tymiere

Karen Sanders

"My daughter's anxiety had gotten so bad that I didn't know what to do. CHKD helped us find the right tools to manage her anxiety, and I know we can call anytime we need to." - Genie, Karen's mom

Julian Garcia

"Julian loves CHKD, and I'm so thankful to his doctors for everything they do to help him." - Maria, Julian's mom

(757) 668-9000

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