Every donation made to CHKD makes a direct impact on our ability to care for our young patients every day, allowing us to provide the best quality healthcare for children throughout our community. Show your support by making an online donation today.

At CHKD, working to improve the lives of our community's children is a twofold endeavor, deeply ingrained in our mission, our history and our daily work. On one hand, we are the regional referral center for pediatrics, trusted by parents and fellow providers alike to offer the most advanced pediatric technology, training and care. On the other, we are the safety net provider for the children of our region, assuming the financial responsibility of caring for all children, knowing that we will never be fully reimbursed for many of the services we provide. Read our Community Benefits Report here.

Your support allows CHKD to:

  • Purchase medical supplies and equipment, including incubators for babies weighing less than 2 pounds.
  • Fund pediatric medical research and allows children suffering from life-threatening illnesses to participate in clinical trials.
  • Child Life -¬†Fund crucial programs, like child life, that are not covered by insurance. Our child life specialists help reduce the anxiety of patients and their families as they adjust to the hospital experience. Through the use of age-appropriate interventions, they help children understand their illnesses and medical procedures and develop positive coping skills. Philanthropy helps to ensure this program can continue to grow and meet the ongoing needs of our patient families, now and in the future.
  • Purchase surgical gloves, IV poles, and hospital beds for the more than 5,000 overnight patient admissions at CHKD each year.
  • Support specialized health programs and services for children in our region, helping victims of child abuse get treatment and find hope for the future.