How can I refer my patient to CHKD's pulmonology practice?

  • Urgent consultations (providers) call Doctors Direct at (757) 668-9999
  • Non-urgent referrals (providers) call (757) 668-7426
  • Scheduling (families) can be made by calling (757) 668-7426

When will my patient be able to obtain an appointment?

Your patient's estimated wait time for an appointment is approximately 3-5 months, but could vary depending on location and availability.

What work-up is needed prior to the first appointment?

Please provide us with a reason why the patient is being referred to our practice along with their previous immunization record, a list of current medications and medication delivery devices as well as any relevant doctor's notes, labs, and digital copies of chest X-rays, MRIs or CT scans that may not be accessed through CHKD's EHR prior to the appointment. Please have patients bring a digital copy of chest x-rays to their appointment.

Where will my patient be seen?

Pulmonology offices are located at CHKD (Norfolk), Oakbrooke (Chesapeake), Oyster Point (Newport News), and Landstown (Virginia Beach).