The pediatric surgeons at CHKD, renowned for their expertise in chest wall deformities, offer the vacuum bell as an alternative to surgery for patients with pectus excavatum.

The Science of Suction

The vacuum bell device uses a suction cup that creates a vacuum seal on the chest wall which lifts the sternum, correcting pectus excavatum over time, in many cases, through non-invasive treatment. Patients are able to use the device without interfering with school, sports, or other daily activities.

The team of pediatric surgeons at CHKD has trained and collaborates with surgeon Dr. Frank-Martin Haecker at University Children's Hospital in Basel, Switzerland, who has among the most experience worldwide in the use of the vacuum bell. Our surgeons also continue to collaborate with German engineer Eckart Klobe, who developed the vacuum bell.

Want to Learn More?

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