Make Mental Wellness a Regular Part of Your Warmup Routine 

Exercising the mind is as important as exercising the body. CHKD’s Mind and Body Fitness Coaching program teaches young athletes mental and physical wellness techniques and more to help boost their overall sports performance and promote lifelong wellness.

In addition to exploring mindfulness techniques, this program includes:

  • The creation of a personalized toolbox to help utilize mindfulness skills to improve mental wellness and performance.
  • Psychological skills training to help improve performance through techniques such as visualization, routine setting, and goal setting.
  • Evaluation and management of sleep hygiene practices to improve mental wellness and performance.
  • Evaluation and management of physical activity needs and quantity (or volume) to improve mental wellness and performance.
  • Evaluation and management of nutritional status and needs to improve mental wellness and performance.

What is Mindfulness and How Can it Help?

Mindfulness is used by athletes, in healthcare, and by major companies, schools, and the military. Mindfulness may be defined as purposely paying attention to one’s physical, mental, and emotional condition in the present moment, in a nonjudgmental manner. Mindfulness practices are believed to help people better control their thoughts, rather than be controlled by them.  

Mindfulness meditation is a popular tool, but mindfulness can be achieved without meditation. Breathing exercises, body scan meditations, and guided imagery are some other mindfulness tools. Mindfulness practices should be integrated into daily activities as they develop. 

Mindfulness is often used by athletes and performing artists to help improve performance. Regular mindfulness practice is believed to help further psychological insight and contribute to emotional well-being over time. It is just one tool that can be used in conjunction with talk therapy and medication (if prescribed by your provider).* Mindfulness is also often incorporated into physical therapy and other therapeutic techniques as part of an integrated approach to treatment.  

What to Expect

You may have been referred for mind and body fitness coaching by your healthcare provider to complement your treatment plan. The number of sessions will be determined at your first appointment and will vary depending on your goals. You will be expected to practice the tools taught in between your sessions. You may self-refer for mind and body fitness coaching for performance improvement, if your insurance company does not require a referral.

* Please note: Your mind and body coach will not be providing talk therapy or prescribing any medication. Those services will continue to be coordinated by your healthcare professional.