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Referring a Patient

(800) 207-2022

CHKD values your referrals. Our goal with all referrals is to provide excellent care to your patients and excellent customer service to you. If you have feedback on our referral process, or need information that is not provided here, please contact our Physician Liaisons.

Urgent Referrals

For referrals to CHKD’s trauma service, emergency department, NICU, PICU or general inpatient unit, please call our Transfer Center at (757) 668-8000. The toll free number is (844) 480-8000. The Transfer Center also facilitates communications for after-hours referrals to CHKD’s Emergency Department.

Please have the following information available when calling:

  • Facility and/or referring provider name and contact info
  • Current status of patient
  • Diagnosis
  • Requested services
  • Patient Name and DOB

Non-Urgent Consults and Referrals for Surgeons and Specialists

For physician-to-physician consults that do not involve transfer, transport or urgent admissions, please call DoctorsDirect at (757) 668-9999 or (800) 207-2022.

For practice-specific referral and consultation information to pediatric specialists, click here.

    (800) 207-2022