Conditions We Treat

  •  Transient Tic Disorder 
  •  Tourette Syndrome
  •  Chronic Motor or Vocal Tic Disorder     
  •  Co-morbid Behavioral Disorders

Your Appointment: What to Expect

  • Prior to your appointment, please complete and bring our Patient Information Questionnaire, Modified Tic Severity Scale and Co-Occurring Behavioral Symptom Checklist
  • We will ask you relevant questions about your child’s birth, developmental and medical history, family history as well as the current and past symptoms of tics, abnormal movements and common co-occurring behavioral concerns.
  • There will be a comprehensive medical and neurological evaluation.
  • Based on the above information, we will create a multidisciplinary care plan for your child which may include:
    • Behavioral and mental health assessments or interventions, including CBIT
    • Educational accommodations to maximize academic success
    • Pharmacological treatments
    • Social and emotional supports and resources