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At CHKD, we take pride in the talented, knowledgeable, and dedicated employees who continue to build on our tradition of health care excellence.

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CHKD's Mental Health Initiative

CHKD is expanding its mental health program and is in need of a myriad of exceptional caregivers.

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CHKD provides unparalleled opportunities.

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Practitioners and Providers

CHKD Health System is a unique network of physicians, surgeons, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and clinicians working in a patient-friendly pediatric setting.

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Our clinical roles include positions such as therapy services, clinical lab scientists, athletic trainers, respiratory therapists, pharmacists and many other experts.

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Healthcare managers and administrators are at the heart of the business side, charged with budgeting, scheduling and seeking ways to improve patient care.

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Professional and Technical

Our non-clinical support system is vital to our success and includes coders, administrative assistants, IT specialists, and many other skilled professionals.

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Our Commitment to Health and Well Being

CHKD Health System is committed to the health and well being of our patients, our families, our visitors and our staff. Nicotine use is a proven health and safety hazard and is inconsistent with our healthcare mission. The use of nicotine products and exposure to second-hand smoke has serious adverse effects. As such, all CHKDHS locations are tobacco free, inside and out. 


In keeping with our mission and as a health care leader, we must lead by example in maintaining a healthy and safe environment for all. All offers of employment are contingent upon the successful completion of a criminal background check, drug screening, and employment background review. 

CHKDHS is committed to patient and employee well being and is focused on eliminating preventable health care associated infections and promoting health and wellness for our staff. A few of our initiatives include:

  • Influenza vaccination: The annual influenza vaccine is mandated for all CHKDHS employees.
  • Hand Hygiene: Employees are required to adhere to the hand hygiene policy and use effective hand hygiene practices at all times.


(757) 668-7128