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Outcome Data: CHKD's Nuss Program

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Since 1987, CHKD has tracked its consults, surgeries and outcomes to provide data relevant to the patient population seeking help for chest wall deformities for benchmarking purposes. CHKD is dedicated to improving all facets of chest wall repair by its Nuss Center team.

Total chest wall deformities evaluated at CHKD: 5,878

Nuss Procedure

Primary repairs: 2,575

Re-do repairs: 136

  • Previous CHKD – 11
  • Previous non-CHKD – 125  

Recurrence rate for the past 10 years (2011-2021): 1.4 percent

Median age at time of repair: 15

Average length of hospital stay after repair: 4.5 days

Non-Surgical Interventions

Dynamic Compression Brace for non-invasive treatment of pectus carinatum

(Bracing treatment began in 2009)

  • 521 total bracing patients
  • 84.4% percent success rate out of the patients that have successfully completed bracing treatment compared to those who have failed bracing treatment

Vacuum Bell for non-invasive treatment of pectus excavatum

(Vacuum Bell treatment began in 2012)

  • 361 total patients using Vacuum Bell
  • Average age: 13.8
  • Majority of our Vacuum Bell patients are still in treatment

*Outcome data last updated January 7, 2021

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