Total chest wall deformities evaluated at CHKD: 5,878

Nuss Procedure

Primary repairs: 2,575

Re-do repairs: 136

  • Previous CHKD – 11
  • Previous non-CHKD – 125  

Recurrence rate for the past 10 years (2011-2021): 1.4 percent

Median age at time of repair: 15

Average length of hospital stay after repair: 4.5 days

Non-Surgical Interventions

Dynamic Compression Brace for non-invasive treatment of pectus carinatum

(Bracing treatment began in 2009)

  • 521 total bracing patients
  • 84.4% percent success rate out of the patients that have successfully completed bracing treatment compared to those who have failed bracing treatment

Vacuum Bell for non-invasive treatment of pectus excavatum

(Vacuum Bell treatment began in 2012)

  • 361 total patients using Vacuum Bell
  • Average age: 13.8
  • Majority of our Vacuum Bell patients are still in treatment

*Outcome data last updated January 7, 2021