CHKD’s sports medicine physical therapy team works closely with your physician to provide individualized therapeutic exercise programs and other physical therapy modalities to help address pain, muscular imbalances, postural awareness, and core stabilization in patients with scoliosis. The goal of physical therapy for scoliosis it to give patients the tools they need to maintain a strong, stable core and live an active lifestyle.

Schroth Treatment Method

The sports medicine physical therapy department also offers the Schroth Treatment Method, a conservative, non-invasive method for managing scoliosis. Schroth physical therapy uses physiotherapy scoliosis specific exercises (PSSE) as part of a team-based approach to treating adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. The goal is to improve postural awareness, muscular strength, and endurance to assist with managing the spine’s curve.

Children who would benefit from the Schroth Method include those with a diagnosis of juvenile or adolescent idiopathic scoliosis and those who:

  • Have pain.
  • Are growing quickly.
  • Have a stable curve but continue to have pain and have limited success with traditional physical therapy.

Schroth-certified physical therapists are currently available at the following CHKD sports medicine locations: