Our Staff

Our staff is comprised of inpatient teachers, outpatient consultants, an art therapist, a music therapist, and several support staff. All staff members are certified in their domains and have completed advanced training in various subjects, educational assessment, and knowledge of chronic health conditions that may impact a child’s education.

All school services are provided at no cost to the patient or family.

How You Can Benefit

Our goal is to foster a positive relationship between families and community resources to support all students in educational success. All students enrolled in the inpatient program will receive attendance credit for their daily participation and inpatient teachers focus first on assignments provided by the home school to keep a student on track as much as possible.

School services (direct instruction, consultation, art, and/or music) can provide normalcy to an abnormal environment, and often offer a sense of comfort and support to a student and their family.

To learn more about the Hospital School Program, please visit our HSP web page