XLH-Disease Monitoring Program (DMP)

Condition: X-Linked Hypophosphatemia (XLH)

Type of Research: Observational
Principal Investigator: Eric Gyuricsko, MD

Study Specifications: XLH (Rickets) is a rare, chronic genetic disorder that represents an unmet medical need. Burosumab (Crysvita®) met FDA approval in 2018 for adult and pediatric patients over the age of one. XLH-DMP is a long-term study aiming to collect pertinent information on adult and pediatric patients with XLH that have/have not participated in Burosumab clinical trials. XLH-DMP aims to monitor patients for 10 years, to assess the safety and efficacy of Burosumab while also monitoring the progression of XLH without treatment. 

Phone: (757) 668-5416