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Your Child's Medical Records

Request Your Child's Medical Records

(757) 668-7221

COVID-19 Information for Anyone Requesting a Medical Record

In an effort to protect the health and safety of our patients, families, visitors, and staff, our release of information department is no longer open to the public. To receive a copy of your child's medical record, please complete the authorization request form and submit it via email to HIMRecordRelease@CHKD. You may also mail or fax your completed form. See additional information below. 

How To Request Your Child's Medical Records: 

CHKD Medical Group Pediatricians - If you are requesting a medical record from your child's primary care pediatrician, please contact your child's pediatric practice or login to our patient portal at

Other CHKD Medical Records - To request medical records from any other CHKD provider please follow the steps below:

1.) Please complete the form electronically. Then print and hand sign the form prior to submitting via email, fax, or mail. CHKD medical records release forms are available in English and Spanish below. 

You may also request a blank form by calling our health information management team at (757) 668-7764 or by emailing

2.) Submit the completed form with your handwritten signature via email, fax or mail.

  • Email:
    If you choose to provide a completed authorization for release of information form via unsecured email, there may be risks to the security of the health information in that form. CHKD therefore cannot guarantee the security and confidentiality (privacy) of that information, and is not responsible and/or liable for any breach that may occur to that transmission.
  • Fax: (757) 668-7625
  • Mailing Address: Attn: Health Information Management, 601 Children's Lane, Norfolk, VA 23507

Receiving Your Child's Medical Record Information

Once your request is received it will be processed and your child's medical records will be mailed to you. Please allow 30 days to process your request. Please be advised that there may be a cost associated with requesting your child's medical record.


Please contact our health information management team at (757) 668-7764 or email

(757) 668-7221

Fax or Email Completed Forms

Please submit completed medical records release forms to our Health Information Management team at:


Fax - (757) 668-7625

Email -


Spanish Courtesy Line

Spanish Courtesy Line/Línea de Cortesía en Español - (757) 668-9323