What is a Telehealth appointment?

A telehealth appointment uses live video technology to connect patients with their outpatient providers who are in different locations. CHKD pediatricians, specialists, surgeons, and urgent care providers use a video platform to achieve this connection. 

How does a Telehealth appointment work?

After we determine that telehealth is a good fit for you and your child, and all parties agree to having visits remotely, a scheduled visit will be completed via telehealth. Please note that patients must be physically in a state where the provider has a license. If you are out of state, please confirm with the office that you can be seen by telehealth.

Participating in these visits will require use of a suitable device (computer, laptop, phone, or a tablet that has both audio and a camera). There may be circumstances that require returning to on-site visits. If this is the case for you, your child’s provider will discuss clinical reasons for returning to on-site visits.

How will I know that I have a Telehealth appointment?

For visits with CHKD pediatricians, specialists, and surgeons, you will receive a text or email invitation with a link to your visit just before the visit is set to begin. If a text or email is not received, please contact the office. You may also receive a reminder call or text.

What tools and technology will I need for a Telehealth appointment?

Telehealth requires a working internet connection and the technology tools below.

  • For a visit with a CHKD surgeon, pediatrician, or specialist, you will need a computer, laptop, smart phone, or tablet.
  • Your device will need to have a camera, microphone, and speaker. Wireless or bluetooth earphones are optional to increase sound quality.

What system will I use for my Telehealth appointment?

CHKD pediatricians, specialists, and surgeons use American Well, a healthcare-specific platform. There is no app that needs to be downloaded. American Well uses your device's browser. 

    What kind of space do I need for my Telehealth appointment at home?

    Once you have the tools, choose a space in your home for your sessions. This space must have a door that closes and that allows the patient to be free from interruptions (pets, TV, siblings).

    What about co-pays?

    You will receive a separate bill for co-pays, if applicable, after the service is provided.

    Should I complete a test using the technology before my Telehealth appointment?

    Yes. Please ensure that your technology is working and charged prior to your session start time so that we can make the most of our time together.

    Telehealth technology checklist:

    • Enable and test audio and video ahead of your appointment.
    • Charge device.
    • Charge earphones (if using).
    • Ensure camera captures full frame.
    • Make sure face is visible.
    • Ensure lighting is adequate.
    • Eliminate natural lighting.
    • When logging into your telehealth visit or appointment, type your full name into the name field on your login screen.