Nuss Procedure

CHKD is world renowned for developing the Nuss Procedure, a minimally invasive surgery for patients with pectus excavatum, a condition also referred to as concave or sunken chest.

pectus excavatum beforepectus excavatum after

Abramson Procedure

When a patient requires more than 7.5 per square inch compression to correct pectus carinatum, our specialists often suggest the Abramson Procedure, which is similar to the Nuss Procedure. It uses a curved bar which, over time, repositions and reshapes the sternum and ribs.

pectus carinatum beforepectus carinatum after

Compression Bracing

CHKD offers the non-invasive dynamic compression brace for patients with pectus carinatum. The brace uses a precise amount of pressure to reshape the chest.

Before Pectus Carinatum Bracing PhotoAfter Pectus Carinatum Bracing Photo

Vacuum Bell Treatment

CHKD offers the non-invasive vacuum bell for patients with mild pectus excavatum. The vacuum bell employs suction over time to reshape the chest.

Before Vacuum Bell PhotoAfter Vacuum Bell Photo