Interested in Becoming a Donor?

Donors must be healthy, have a milk supply beyond their own infant’s needs, and be willing to express and donate to the milk bank using the established collection protocols. Donors receive no payment or compensation for their donation, except the satisfaction that comes from knowing they have helped to improve the health of a fragile baby and bring relief to their families.

Donor Screening

Potential donors are selected by using a multi-step screening process. The regulated guidelines for milk donation are very similar to the screening process used by blood banks. The milk bank covers 100 percent of the cost associated with donating milk, including screening and shipping.

  1. Schedule a brief telephone screening by calling 757-668-MILK (6455), option 1.
  2. Complete an online questionnaire.
  3. Have your blood screening performed at a nearby LabCorp (at the Milk Bank's expense).
  4. Receive notification of milk donor approved status.
  5. Work with The King's Daughters Milk Bank team to arrange the delivery of your lifesaving donation. 

What happens to my milk after I donate it?

After frozen donor human milk is collected and thawed, it is pooled with the milk of other donors, then pasteurized to kill any bacteria or viruses. The milk is ready to be dispensed after a final testing step that ensures its safety.  

Legacy Donations

Donating your milk is a loving tribute that can contribute to your physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. It may even save another baby's life. Some mothers donate the milk they already have stored in their freezers. Others begin pumping or continue the process of producing milk specifically to donate. We would like to make donating your milk as easy and comfortable as possible. If you are considering a legacy donation, please contact us for more information, support, and guidance.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in 'sharing the health' by becoming a donor, please call 757-668-MILK (6455), or email to to begin the screening process. 

Affiliated Milk Donation Sites for Approved Donors

Beverly Knight Children’s Hospital
700 Spring Street
Macon, GA 31201
Weekday and weekend donation hours are available.
Call 478-633-0319 to arrange a donation drop off.

Shady Grove Medical Center
9901 Medical Center Drive
Rockville, MD 20850
Weekday, evening and weekend donation hours are available.
Call 240-826-7523 or email to arrange a donation drop off.