Lack of supervision, home hazards and distractions can lead to dire consequences. Keep your kids safe and sound with these tips:


Your Child's age and maturity level will help you determine if they are capable of being home alone. Some Virginia cities have ordinances concerning the age a child can be left alone without supervision. If you have questions about the law or guidelines in your community call Child Protective Services at (800) 552-7096. Be sure your children are properly cared for by researching child care options in your area.

Home Safety

Unsure if you home is child-friendly? Consider CHKD Safe Home resources.


Create genuine connections with your children. Avoid distractions, like your smartphone, daily stresses and other personal or family challenges. The connection you build with your children now is crucial to their well-being later.

Support in Your Community

Reaching out for help is a sign of strength. The Hampton Roads community is rich in military resources for the military family. Connect with people who understand military life and are committed to you and your child’s well-being.

At CHKD, parents and parents-to-be can focus on positive parenting practices by joining a webinar, workshop or parenting class.

Community organizations, such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, are dedicated to engaging and developing military children. Big Brothers Big Sisters will pair your child with a mentor who will spend time with him and keep you informed along the way.

Sometimes you just want to talk about parenting challenges and other stresses. Give an Hour can help you find mental health providers in your area or call (800) FSC-LINE to ask questions or schedule a counseling appointment.