Q: What is changing?

A: CHKD is moving to provider-based billing, a national billing model for organizations like CHKD that offer hospital-level outpatient care in a variety of locations. This means that charges for outpatient services delivered in a department that is considered part of the hospital will include a charge from the hospital to cover the cost of operating the clinic (such as support staff, medication, and supplies) as well as the provider who cares for your child.   

Q: Why would I get a bill from the hospital if my child wasn't hospitalized and the appointment didn't take place at the hospital?

A: Some hospital departments are located within the hospital, but some are located at CHKD Health Centers miles away from the hospital. All CHKD Health Centers are considered part of the hospital. These locations uphold the same safety and quality standards as the rest of the hospital.

Q: Are all CHKD Health System services going to provider-based billing?

A: The following services will be billed in this manner going forward:

Q: Will my child's clinical care change?

A: Nothing about your child's experience should be any different. Your child will see the same doctors and receive the same level of care.

Q. Will I have to pay more?

A: Many different things affect the amount you have to pay for your child's care. If you have government sponsored insurance (Medicaid, a Medicaid HMO, VA Premier) you may simply see two explanations of benefits. Some other forms of insurance may have different levels of coverage or co-insurance or deductibles for hospital charges. Every policy is different. Your best source of information is your insurance provider.

Q: What if I am having a hard time paying for my child's care?

A: Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters is committed to caring for all patients, birth to age 21, without regard to their financial situation. For information on CHKD's financial assistance program, click here. For information on assistance with bills from Children's Specialty Group, call (757) 668-7200. For information on assistance with bills from Children's Surgical Specialty Group, call (757) 461-4027.