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Happy Mother’s Day: Self Care Makes Us Better Parents

There is something about having a front-row seat to raising children that marks the pace of time. These moments are snapshots of our memories and the stories we tell. The rhythm of our days begins to add up and before we know it, we have accumulated months and years that reveal the nature of our child, our parenting, and the collective relationship. We experience the tension of repair and recovery. All these moments create opportunities for growth. I have found that nothing in my life has stretched and strengthened me more in life than parenting.

When I first began writing for the CHKD blog, I had a kindergartner, a preschooler, and a toddler. Outside of raising my children, I coached cheerleading and worked from home as an online psychology instructor for a university. It was the start of the pandemic, and I could not perceive the life we currently live. Four years later, what has remained consistent is my work from home and the structure of my family. My husband and I recently celebrated 17 years of marriage and all my children are now school age (10, 8, and 6). We are also fully immersed in the world of home education.

When my children were younger, everything felt so hard. The lack of sleep, and trying to manage it all, felt like an impossible task some days. I was also in the early stages of grief due to my father’s death and so much unknown terrain was before me. If I could go back to that sleep-deprived mom, I would lay the ground to help her understand the importance of prioritizing sleep, and asking for help so she could then invest in the principle of seed, time, and harvest.

Each seed we sow into the world requires time before harvest. We can only nurture the seed by supporting the environment in which it needs to grow. Then, we wait. Because we cannot force the seed to sprout and bear fruit, that is the work of the seed and the creator. It is with time that patience and wonder can be appreciated. Beautiful things happen even when we cannot see progress in the day-to-day. Each time we support our child through daily life events, the plant is strengthened. The roots grow a little deeper and reach a little further out of the soil. Taking care of myself as their mother and investing in my marriage is an important part of nourishing the soil as well. So, I invite you to consider rest and wonder as we mark time. And when the harvest comes, we will have been present all along the way.

We would love to hear from you regarding your parenting journey. Consider sharing a 200 to 250-word submission to with Happy Mother’s Day in the subject line. Tell us about your biggest challenge in parenting and your greatest joy. What advice would you give someone starting the parenting journey? Please include the age of your kids. Our CHKD Outreach team will create a future blog with a compilation of submissions.

About Jeane N. Liburd, MA, CCLS

About Jeane N. Liburd, MA, CCLS Jeané Liburd has worked in the field of child Iife since 2005. She earned a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy and is trained in play therapy. She currently serves as an adjunct instructor for Liberty University. Throughout her career, she has provided services for children and families in various settings including hospitals, pediatric hospice, and community programs. The focus of her work is supporting children and families who have experienced illness, grief, and loss.