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Baby reaching into a dresser drawer

Protect Children from TV and Furniture Tip-Overs

By Dr. Erin Hunt, Hampton Roads Pediatrics

Unanchored furniture and TVs are often overlooked dangers in the home. Televisions, tables, dressers, and even appliances – small or large – can fall onto a child causing serious injury or death.

Every hour, a child is rushed to the emergency room for injuries caused by a falling TV or overturned furniture. Help prevent tip-over accidents by taking the following precautions:

  • Secure furniture, mirrors, and appliances with anti-tip devices or wall anchors. Make sure you purchase quality anchors, such as metal "L" brackets, that will be stronger than plastic.
  • Use the proper number of anchors for each piece of furniture. Heavier pieces need more anchors than lighter ones.
  • Place heavier objects on the lowest shelves or drawers and lighter objects in higher ones.
  • Keep toys, electronics, and anything else of interest off of your furniture to reduce your child's temptation to climb.
  • For furniture with drawers or cabinets, install drawer stops or safety straps so your child can't open them all the way.
  • Never place a TV on top of a dresser, especially in a child's room or playroom. It's best to mount your TV to the wall, but anti-tip devices work when mounting is not an option.

No parent is capable of watching their child every moment of the day, but by taking the proper precautions, home accidents are preventable. Visit to learn more about anchoring furniture and TV's.

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