Why Should I Give?

Philanthropy benefits every area of our health system. As employees and physicians, we know firsthand that it takes extra resources to provide the right healing environment for children and families. Gifts to CHKD help offset the costs of caring for every child who needs us, regardless of their family's ability to pay. Donations help CHKD provide services available nowhere else in our region and your gift supports programs that are not reimbursed by insurance, such as child life, social work, and art and music therapy. Philanthropy also supports investments in our future, through staff training and education and new technology and equipment.

Your support goes directly to the critical services and unique programs throughout CHKD that help make it so much more than a hospital. Thank you for making CHKD the special place it is and for bringing the hope that helps us fulfill our mission every day.

How Can I Make a Gift?

Payroll Deducation

You can enroll in payroll deduction using the online form found on KDnet - CHKD's employee intranet. However, you must be at a work computer or logged into a remote/VPN session to access the page. Click the button below to visit the Employee Giving page on KDnet. A link to the Employee Giving page can also be found in the “Popular Links” section on the KDnet homepage.

EGC - Payroll Deduction Button

Credit Card 

Click on the button below to make a credit card gift to our Employee Giving Campaign.

Donate to the Employee Giving Campaign


Please mail checks to:
CHKD Philanthropy Office, P.O. Box 2156, Norfolk, VA 23501

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I calculate my yearly gift if I choose to give via payroll deduction?

There are 26 pay periods in one year. Please see the sample chart below.

Employees - Giving Campaign - Payroll Deduction Chart

What if I’m already giving via payroll deduction?

We hope that you continue to give and even consider increasing your gift. Beginning in July of 2018, all Employee Giving payroll deductions were set up to continue unless you noted otherwise or contacted us. If you have any questions or would like to speak with someone about increasing your gift, please reach out to the Philanthropy Office at (757) 668-7070 or EmployeeGiving@CHKD.org.

When I donate PTO, am I taxed on that income?

Yes, PTO is taxable income, so you are liable for the taxes on the donated amount. You may donate additional PTO to cover the taxes on the donated amount. The online KDnet form provides both options for you. If considering a PTO donation and you have further questions, please call Laurie Sparrow in Payroll at (757) 668-7103.


If you have any questions, please contact the Philanthropy Office at (757) 668-7070 or email EmployeeGiving@chkd.org.