Our team provides a comprehensive range of diagnoses and treatment programs for patients from birth through 18 years of age with conditions or diseases of the endocrine system.

How can I refer my patient to CHKD's endocrinology practice?

  • Urgent consultations (providers only) call Doctors Direct at (757) 668-9999
  • Non-urgent referrals(providers only) call (757) 668-7237
  • Fax (providers only) call (757) 668-8215
  • Scheduling (families) can call (757) 668-7237

When will my patient be able to obtain an appointment?

Your patient's estimated wait time for an appointment is approximately seven (7) weeks, but could vary depending on location.

What work-up is needed prior to the first appointment?

Please provide growth curves and any radiological images that are not accessible through CHKD's Electronic Health Record (EHR). Please review the Endocrinology Referral Guidelines if you are referring a patient for the following:

  • Breast development in an infant or toddler
  • Pubic hair development in a child
  • Diabetes and/or abnormal HgbA1C test results
  • Abnormal thyroid function test results
  • Obesity¬†

Where will my patient be seen?

Endocrinology offices are located at CHKD (Norfolk), Oakbrooke (Chesapeake), Oyster Point (Newport News), and Concert Drive (Virginia Beach).