Helping Children in Crisis

The Bridge Crisis Clinic at CHKD is an interim psychiatric service for children and teens in crisis due to mental health concerns. Our program serves as a bridge to stabilize patients and transition them to appropriate support within the community.  To be accepted into our program a referral must be placed by a referring provider through CHKD's mental health program.

The Bridge Crisis Clinic is appropriate for children and teens (ages 6 to 18) who meet the following criteria:

  • Children who are experiencing significant mental health decline and safety concerns that do not require inpatient hospitalization for stabilization.
  • Children and teens who are able to live safely at home without any access to lethal means such as firearms or medication. Parents must ensure the home is a safe space.
  • Children and teens must be able to perform activities of daily living such as bathing or showering, getting dressed, and toileting.
  • Parents and children must be motivated for treatment and able to attend one to three mental health appointments per week online or in person.

Clinic Services Include:

  • Four to eight mental health sessions, (one to three visits per week).
  • Assessments for high-risk behavior.
  • Safety, behavioral, or crisis planning.
  • Individualized treatment plan.
  • Family therapy (if recommended).
  • Assistance with resources for further care in the community.
  • Psychiatric evaluation and medication management services if needed. 

Your Child's First Appointment - What to Expect

Patient families will be contacted by phone to set up the first appointment. Please be aware that your child’s first appointment may last up to 90 minutes.

At the beginning of your child’s treatment, a mental health clinician will conduct assessments and safety, behavioral, or crisis planning. One of our psychiatry providers will evaluate your child to create an appropriate treatment plan.

Patient Family Responsibilities

Complete All Paperwork and Forms

Please complete all paperwork and forms prior to your initial appointment. They can be emailed to Please submit them at least one business day before your appointment.

Please Attend All Appointments

Parents (or guardians) must attend all appointments. You have an option to attend appointments via Zoom or in person unless your clinician or provider recommends a particular type of appointment.

What To Do If You Need To Change An Upcoming Appointment?

If you need to change your upcoming appointment to a Zoom call or in-person session, contact us at least four hours before your appointment.

Call 48 hours before your appointment for cancellations. (757) 668-4673.

If you miss the initial psychiatric evaluation to the program or if you miss more than one appointment, your child will be discharged.

Bridge Crisis Clinic Team Members

Thomas Henry, MD
Guanjae Lee, PMHNP

Mental Health Therapists:
Amanda Bartolome, LPC
Rebecca DeHoff, MSW
Christina Jones, LCSW
Rennel Marshall, MSW
Morgan McDonald, MSW
Jaclyn Opie, MA
Jacqueline Sweeney, LPC, DBH (Mental Health Therapy Manager)

Please note: The Bridge Crisis Clinic is not appropriate for all children and adolescents, including those with severe substance use disorder, patients who have left the emergency department against medical advice, or families who have declined recommended inpatient hospitalization. Children who need different levels of care will be redirected to other services.