CHKD's mental health program includes experts in the fields of child psychiatry and psychology, nurse practitioners, psychiatric nurses, clinical social workers, professional counselors, medical social workers, and mental health coaches and technicians. We strive to collaborate closely with primary care pediatricians, pediatric specialists, and caregivers to ensure early identification of mental health needs. Learn more about each of the care providers you and your child may encounter during your visit with us.  

Medical Social Workers

Medical social workers are available in every area of the hospital to help your family cope with a variety of psychosocial issues, challenges and stresses related to coping with illness or injury, and to assist you in maintaining health in times of crisis or prolonged medical treatment. Learn more about medical social work at CHKD.

Mental Health Therapists

CHKD’s clinical social workers and mental health counselors offer outpatient mental health assessments as well as individual and group therapy on our main hospital campus in Norfolk and CHKD locations throughout the region. Your child may be referred to group or individual therapy (or both) depending on the needs identified during their clinical needs assessment. Learn more about mental health therapy at CHKD.

Nurse Practitioners

Our board-certified psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioners provide  services to children and adolescents with psychiatric disorders. They work alongside our pediatric psychiatrists and have the clinical knowledge to assess, diagnose, treat, and educate patients with mental health disorders.  


Our board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrists are medical doctors who have completed specialty training in the assessment and treatment of pediatric and adolescent psychiatric disorders. Licensed by the state of Virginia, our psychiatrists specialize in diagnosing and treating developmental, behavioral, emotional, and mental health disorders in children and teens. Our psychiatrists diagnose and treat depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating disorders, and/or substance abuse. They perform psychiatric evaluations and may prescribe medications. Learn more about psychiatry at CHKD here.


Our board-certified child and adolescent psychologists provide psychological diagnostic assessments along with individual and group therapies. Our psychologists help children and adolescents cope with a variety of stressors, paying special attention to genetic, medical, developmental, educational, social, and family factors to make a diagnosis and determine the best care for each patient.  Learn more about psychology at CHKD.