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For Runners

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Running injuries in children and teens are different from those experienced by adults. That’s why it’s important to have your child evaluated by pediatric and adolescent sports medicine physicians and physical therapists trained to treat running injuries.

A program for runners, by runners

Effectively treating running injuries requires specialized expertise. Our physician and physical therapists not only have extra training and experience in biomechanical assessment, evaluation procedures, and treatment techniques specifically for runners, but they are also experienced runners themselves giving them a special understanding of the challenges involved in the sport. In addition, they have years of experience working with thousands of runners of all skill levels.

Most running-related injuries are a result of improper training, overuse or faulty biomechanics. Our team will evaluate these factors to create a comprehensive rehabilitation program. Research has shown that treatment not specific to running will likely have little impact on running mechanics, and may not reduce injuries. Our physical therapists will create a customized, running-specific program for optimal results.

If you are concerned about a possible running injury in your child, call (757) 668-PLAY (7529) for an appointment with Dr. Joel Brenner, who heads our running program.

Running Analysis

Our video running analysis using Dartfish software can help identify even the smallest technique errors that may be contributing to injury, pain or poor performance. 

Running Analysis Package: $100

  • Video running analysis
  • Results consultation
  • Personalized running-specific exercise prescription      

Running Analysis plus Personal Training package: $200

  • Video running analysis
  • Results consultation
  • Personalized running-specific exercise prescription
  • Four one-on-one personal training sessions with a CHKD sports medicine exercise

Repeat Running Analysis: $50* 
* following personal training sessions with CHKD exercise specialist

For more information, or to schedule a running analysis: contact Dana Reesman, (757) 668-4890,

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