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For Soccer Players

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Soccer is a popular sport and a great way for children and teens to develop physical fitness and teamwork skills. But, like many sports, soccer players are at risk of getting hurt.

Care and Prevention for a Wide Range of Injuries

Frequent soccer injuries include ankle sprains, hamstring strains, groin pulls, knee sprains, shin splints, tendonitis and ACL sprains or tears – an injury that often requires surgery. Concussions are also common, making up about 10 percent of all soccer injuries.

The CHKD Sports Medicine team specializes in the prevention and treatment of these injuries with a focus on helping young athletes achieve peak performance. Our physicians, physical therapists and exercise specialists provide services that include pre-injury screening, injury prevention programs, injury management, soccer-specific rehabilitation and analysis, and sports performance training.

CHKD Sports Medicine is the preferred medical provider for soccer clubs and recreation facilities throughout Hampton Roads, including Virginia Rush Soccer, Chesapeake United, Virginia Beach Field House, Premiere Sports Complex, and many more.

If you are concerned your child may have a soccer-related injury, call (757) 668-7529 (PLAY) for an appointment with Dr. Micah Lamb or Dr. Aisha Joyce, who head our soccer program. To schedule sports medicine physical therapy services, please call (757) 668-7529 (PLAY).

CHKD's Sports Performance Academy

CHKD’s Sports Performance Academy offers a variety of injury prevention and sports performance classes available on a rotating schedule by location or on-demand by request. 

Our community affiliates receive a 20 percent discount on all Sports Performance Academy classes as well as all individual, small group and team training sessions with a CHKD exercise specialist.

Soccer Services

For questions about our soccer program or to register for any soccer service, email Sara Stites or call (757) 668-2733.

Education Sessions: Free

Our team is available to provide group and team talks on a variety of sports medicine topics specific to the soccer athlete, family and coach.

Pre-injury Risk Assessment Screening: Free

Our on-field or in-clinic assessments use functional and soccer-specific movement screenings, analysis of jump mechanics and evaluation of deceleration and cutting techniques to identify weaknesses or errors in mechanics that are known to increase the risk of common soccer injuries.

Soccer Shot Analysis: $100 

Proper shooting technique can increase shot velocity and decrease the risk of injury. We offer video analysis of a player’s shot using state-of-the-art Dartfish software. A slow motion video is recorded from multiple angles then broken down frame by frame for detailed evaluation by our soccer program coordinator or a specially trained sports medicine physical therapist.


  • Video shooting analysis 
  • Results consultation

Soccer Shot Analysis with Cutting and Jumping Evaluation: $125


  • Soccer shot analysis
  • Assessment of deceleration, cutting and jumping mechanics
  • Results consultation
  • Exercise prescription for correction of improper mechanics

Golden Boot Package: $250


  • Soccer shot analysis
  • Assessment of deceleration, cutting, and jumping mechanics
  • Results consultation
  • Exercise prescription for correction of improper mechanics
  • Four individual, soccer-specific training sessions with a certified exercise specialist
  • Personal training and performance enhancement
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