Community Outreach

(757) 668-7402

CHKD's community outreach program offers a variety of educational programs and resources for parents, grandparents, coaches, professionals, community members, children and youth to support the development of healthy and happy families.

CHKD parent educators, pediatricians and health experts provide classes, webinars, training, and educational resources that address common parent concerns, such as discipline, mental- wellness, sports injuries and performance, and healthy development. For information on parent education and professional training contact  

Staff provide and coordinate fun, educational activities for children in schools and in the community, such as the CHKD on Tour program and school assemblies.

Community Outreach staff work with the Dads in Action program to provide on-going support to fathers and father figures in every stage of parenting.  

Look for us at community health fairs throughout Hampton Roads. Health fair requests should be sent to community outreach program manager Sam Fabian. Please include preferred date, time, location, audience type and expected number of participants.

Meet The Team

Sam Fabian, Community Outreach Program Manager at CHKDSam Fabian, community outreach program manager, manages the CHKD parent education and outreach programs. She coordinates CHKD conferences and special events and collaborates with community boards and coalitions. She also develops programmatic partnerships with local schools, recreation centers and clubs and civic organizations. Contact or call (757) 668-7402.

Michele Tryon, Community Outreach Coordinator at CHKD Michele Tryon, community outreach coordinator, conducts and coordinates professional and parent workshops, webinars, trainings and classes.  She collaborates with healthcare, school and community partners to promote best practice in parent and professional education. She co-chairs the Hampton Roads Parenting Education Network (HRPEN) and is an active member of the Hampton Roads Youth Partnership executive committee.  Contact or call (757) 668-9304. 

(757) 668-7402