Our Boards of Directors

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Children's Health System

Christine Neikirk, Chairman

The Board of Directors for Children's Health System has governance authority over all affairs, property, and funds of Children's Health System and CHKD.

  • Buffy Barefoot
  • Miles Leon 
  • Julie Childress Beck 
  • Robert J. Obermeyer, MD 
  • Michelle G. Brenner, MD 
  • Karen P. Priest 
  • Jim Dahling 
  • Marta S. Satin-Smith, MD 
  • Susan R. Einhorn 
  • Brian K. Skinner 
  • R. Justin Fulton 
  • Elly Bradshaw Smith
  • Kim Georges
  • Svindor S. Toor, MD 
  • Edward A "Buzz" Heidt Jr.
  • Kathryn M. Van Buren 
  • Akhil Jain
  • Edward D. Whitmore
  • John R. Lawson, II 
  • F. Blair Wimbush 

Children's Health Foundation

Charlie Henderson, Chairman

The Children's Health Foundation serves to invest, grow and safeguard the assets of the Children's Health System. Additionally, the Foundation Board is frequently utilized as a participant in the Health System strategic planning.

  • Larry Bernert
  • Beth Johnson
  • Dan Boyle
  • Kelly Johnson
  • Jim Dahling
  • Katherine M. Knaus
  • Kimberly Geiger
  • Michael Matacunas
  • Michael Glasser
  • Merrick McCabe
  • Chris Graves
  • Kim McMillan
  • Owen Griffin
  • Sherri Miles
  • Doug Hillebrandt            
  • Sharon Owlett
  • Trey Huelsberg


    The King's Daughters

    Julie Childress Beck, President

    The King's Daughters Board is elected annually by the membership and is the decision-making body of The King's Daughters.

    •  Paula Adams
    •  Kristina Malleck
    •  Donna Cowdrey
    •  Taylor Preist
    •  Laura Fulton
    •  Kathy Protogyrou
    •  Chandy Jones
    •  Mary Beth Sims Rickman
    •  Kristin Jones
    •  Sunny Sooner
    •  Katherine M. Knaus
    •  Ashley Friend Vellines
    •  Carrie Lauck
    •  Stacey J. Vellines
    •  Nicole Federinko Legum
    •  Carrie Williams


    Development Advisory Board

    Wendy Goldberg, Chair

    The Development Advisory Board is comprised of regional business and community leaders who serve the Health System by furthering fund-raising and development opportunities, serving as ambassadors throughout the business community, and acting as advocates for the Health System, its needs, and its philanthropic efforts.   

    • Susie Archer
    • Pace Frizzell 
    • Stephen E. Sigmon 
    • Catherine Callahan     
    • Kari Jacobs
    • Deb Vollmer 
    • Todd Copeland
    • Stephen A. Leon
    • Susan Whitten 
    • Doug Davis
    • Brad Martin 
    • Rolf A. Williams 
    • Edward Deets 
    • Richard Meredith     
    • Bennett Zier 
    • Walker Dorroh 
    • J.T. McDonald


      • Janet D. Dungan 
      • David E. Russell


        Child Abuse Development Board

        Sarah Bishop, Chair

        The Child Abuse Development Board is a group individuals passionate about advocating for and supporting the needs of our Child Abuse Program. Their focus is on fundraising, advocacy, community education, and philanthropic introductions for this program. 

        • Warren Aleck
        • Betsy F. Phillips 
        • Kelly Till 
        • L. Ashley Brooks
        • Jenn Pfitzner
        • Sandra Warren
        • Jean Compton
        • Jim Schneider
        • Carol Weinstein
        • Scott Duncan
        • Ken B. Shewbridge
        • Dorothy Winn
        • Sandra Harrison
        • Gay W. Shulman
        • Judy Worley
        • Lynn Hornsby
        • Lisa Smith
        • Nancy Yokois, MD
        • Maureen E. Olivieri
        • Lawrence Steingold


          • Solon E. Paul
          • Lydia C. Taylor


            Future Generations Board

            Lee Westnedge, Chair

            The Future Generations Advisory Board is a group of young leaders in the community whose mission is to educate, advocate and support CHKD within their professional, personal, social and other relationships and to actively participate in one or more philanthropic undertakings each year to benefit the hospital and annual financial contributions.

            • Dennis Cestra, Jr.
            • Stephen Lipskis
            • Billy Chard
            • David Poteran
            • Jason Deans
            • Cameron Reeves Poynter
            • Katie Denton
            • Amy Prymuzala
            • Matt Fanghella
            • Shikma Rubin
            • Nate Fine
            • Will Russell
            • Brook Garrett
            • Leah Swatts
            • Jennifer Geary
            • Jill K. Wainger
            • Katherine Hines
            • J. Britton Williston
            • Ryan King
            • Katherine Wynne
            • Stephen Klinkiewicz



              (757) 668-7000