About Scheuermann's Kyphosis

Scheuermann's Kyphosis, sometimes called Scheuermann's, is usually found in adolescents when vertebrae grow unevenly, which creates a wedging shape of the vertebrae when viewed from the side. This creates an appearance of a round back or hunchback. This usually occurs during a period of rapid growth.

Patients with Scheuermann's Kyphosis are unable to correct their posture and often complain of lower mid-level back pain and neck pain. A child may be born with Scheuermann's or can develop it due to other medical conditions that can include metabolic disorders, neuromuscular conditions, osteogenesis imperfect (brittle bone disease), or spine bifida.


Some common symptoms of Scheuermann's can include difference in shoulder height, head bends forward, difference in shoulder blade height and position, and the upper back looks higher than normal when the child bends forward.

Your specialist may order a variety of studies to evaluate your child’s spine. These tests may include additional X-rays, MRI or CT scans. Your specialist may also send you to the laboratory to have your child’s level of Vitamin D checked. Once your child’s tests are complete, your specialist will review the plan of care for your child.


All patients do not initially require any treatment. They will need to be monitored by their physician. It is extremely important to see their specialist as directed.

Bracing may be prescribed for a child based on their skeletal maturity, size and flexibility of the curve.

Physical therapy may be beneficial for your child and your specialist may prescribe the Schroth Method for your child.

Surgical Intervention may be recommended when bracing does not slowed down the progression of the curve. Your child will be scheduled for a posterior spinal fusion.

If your specialist has recommended your child will need to have a surgery, you will need to schedule your child for the pre-operative spinal fusion class.

We understand that preparing for surgery can be hard. At CHKD, our spine program coordinator is a registered nurse and will guide you throughout the process.