Growth Rod Surgery

Since these patients still have a lot of growth remaining, they require a growth-friendly procedure. They will have a surgery called growing rod surgery. This is when two rods are surgically placed and they are attached to the vertebrae above and below the curve. The patient is then required to return to the operating room every six months, so the growing rods can be expanded and allowed to continue to guide the growth of the spine.

Some patients who require growth rod surgery may be eligible for a surgery that uses the MAGEC growth rods. Theses rods are surgically placed in the operating room and they are magnetically adjustable. These rods can be painlessly expanded in the doctor’s office with a small handheld magnetic device.

Length of Hospital Stay

These surgeries are scheduled as an outpatient day surgery procedure and will be admitted to the hospital. The average length of stay is 3 to 5 days for an initial growth rod insertion. When your child has a revision, they are typically able to go home the next day.

Anticipated Recovery Time

Your specialist will discuss with you the anticipated recovery time for your child at their pre-operative appointment. Your child will have a post-operative appointment two to three weeks after their procedure.

Video: Magec Rods at CHKD