CHKD’s swimming specialists are experienced in the evaluation, treatment, and prevention of swimming-related injuries. Young swimmers suffer injuries due to many factors, including overuse. With overuse, comes fatigue and failure to maintain proper stroke mechanics. Fatigue, weakness, inflexibility, instability, and poor timing can all lead to serious injury, potentially ending a swimmer’s career. Identifying these issues can improve technique and reduce the risk of injury.

If you’re concerned about an existing swimming injury in your child, call (757) 668-7529 (PLAY) for an appointment with Dr. David Smith, who heads our swimming program.

Swim Stroke Analysis

For injury prevention and increased performance, CHKD offers video stroke analysis to young swimmers throughout the region. During this analysis, a sports medicine physical therapist records high-speed video of a swimmer from several angles, using either a SwimPro camera system or GoPro video. The video is then analyzed using state-of-the-art Dartfish motion analysis. This high-tech assessment can help identify even the smallest mechanical errors that may contribute to injury, pain, or poor performance. 

After analysis, a plan of recommended exercises or drills is developed to help reduce or correct these errors. In addition to a personal results consultation, each swimmer receives a video of their stroke technique along with a printout of the analysis to review with coaches and instructors.

Swim Stroke Analysis Package: $150

• Video swimming analysis
• Results consultation
• Injury risk assessment

CHKD swim stroke analysis is available at the CHKD Health Center at Loehmann’s Plaza in Virginia Beach and select recreation centers in the Hampton Roads region. For more information or to schedule an appointment contact Missy Fritz at (757) 668-2392 or email to

A referral is not needed to schedule an appointment. The cost for the swim stroke analysis is typically not covered by insurance.