What is HRPEN?

Hampton Roads Parenting Education Network (HRPEN) is a network of agencies and organizations that have come together to offer education, support, information and referral for parents, caregivers, and professionals. HRPEN members are committed to established best practices in parenting education and work collaboratively to offer quality programs throughout Hampton Roads.  

Mission Statement

To ensure access to comprehensive positive parenting education opportunities that meet the needs of families in Hampton Roads.

Contact Information (For professionals interested in membership)

Michele Tryon, Co-chair
Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters, (757) 668-9304

Anita Williams, Co-chair
Hampton Healthy Families Partnership, (757) 727-1300

Levels of parenting education:

Primary Education for parents, para-professionals and professionals seeking to improve parenting skills and knowledge. Parenting services may include information, referrals, resources, support, classes and workshops. These services and programs are for the general population.

Secondary Education for parents and guardians experiencing a variety of life stressors that may impede or affect family functioning. The goal of secondary education is to enhance functioning by learning new skills and increasing knowledge. These programs are appropriate for families who are at-risk, involved in social services or court systems, as well as the general population.

Tertiary Education programs are the highest level of parent education and are geared toward parents and guardians who need comprehensive, family-based programs that are longer in duration and include assessment of competency. Families who are involved with tertiary programs are often trying to treat, prevent or reduce recurrence of abuse or neglect.

Clinical Services (individual or family therapy) are provided by licensed professionals before or in conjunction with parent education to increase effectiveness and positive outcomes.

If you are interested in parenting education classes, call the agencies below directly to learn about virtual and safe in-person offerings. 

Disclaimer: CHKD has agreed to be the host website for the Hampton Roads Parenting Education Network (HRPEN). The agencies listed below are not representatives of CHKD or Hampton Healthy Families (HHF). HRPEN, CHKD and HHF do not provide accreditation for member agencies. Member agencies are reviewed by their respective governing authorities for compliance with best practice standards.