Volunteer Orientation Information and Quiz

Please carefully review the volunteer orientation information. After you've finished reviewing the material, take the quiz sent to you via email.

Child Life Orientation Information and Quiz

If you are assigned to the child life department at your interview, you will also need to review the child life orientation information. After reviewing the material, take the quiz sent to you via email. Please note that only child life volunteers are required to complete both orientation quizzes.

NICU Cuddler Orientation Information and Quiz

If you are approved to attend the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) volunteer Cuddler training, you will be invited to first review the NICU Cuddler orientation. After reviewing the material, you will take the quiz sent to you via email. This step will be required prior to attendance of an on-site training conducted by the NICU staff. Please note that only volunteers who have met the prerequisites for the Cuddler program and are approved by volunteer services will complete this training.

Buddy Brigade Orientation Information

If you and your pet are new to the Buddy Brigade program at CHKD, please review the Buddy Brigade orientation information here. You'll find Buddy Brigade contact information, Buddy Brigade training and scheduling information, and more for a smooth and successful volunteer experience. 

Working with Kids

  • Speak to every child
  • Keep voice low and pleasant
  • Place yourself at child's level
  • Do not ask why a child is in the hospital
  • Be a good listener
  • Share any concerns with staff

Volunteer Guidelines

  • Never ask the nature of a patient's illness
  • Visiting patients, staff or other volunteers while on duty is not allowed
  • Do not congregate in the halls
  • Do not chew gum, candy or other food while volunteering
  • Report to your supervisor when arriving and before leaving
  • Do not accept tips from patients or visitors
  • Do not ask a doctor for professional advice
  • Do not perform unauthorized services for patients without consulting staff first
  • Do not attempt to do anything you have not been trained to do
  • Do not sign for anything in the hospital
  • In the case of fire or mass casualty, ALL volunteers proceed under the direction of their supervisor
  • We are a nicotine free facility, including our sidewalks and parking garages