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About Mariel Focseneanu, MD

About Mariel   Focseneanu, MD Dr. Mariel Focseneanu provides general, as well as specialized, gynecologic care to girls and young women in a non-judgmental and personalized way. Knowing that going to the gynecologist (especially for the first time) may cause anxiety, Dr. Focseneanu hopes visits to her practice are as painless and educational as possible. Dr. Focseneanu's specialized training and clinical practice have given her expertise in managing gynecological issues unique to this population. She truly values the relationships she has with her patients and their parents, and is committed to providing care with compassion and respect.
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  • Blog Posts By: Mariel Focseneanu, MD

    Close up of syringes Posted By: Mariel Focseneanu, MD
    Monday, February 27, 2017

    Doctor Q & A: Should my child get the HPV vaccine?

    Do you have questions about the HPV vaccine? Dr. Mariel Focseneanu, pediatric gynecologist at CHKD, answers some of the most common questions parents have. Read full post>>

    Teen girl in an exam room talking to a doctor Posted By: Mariel Focseneanu, MD
    Monday, October 17, 2016

    Preparing Your Daughter for Her First Gynecology Visit

    If your daughter is going to her first gynecology appointment, knowing what to expect may help ease her nervousness. Read full post>>