Aquatic Therapy

Physical and occupational therapists work with children in the water to help relax tight musculature, increase range of motion, and improve strength, balance, and endurance. Aquatic therapy services are provided at CHKD Health Centers in Newport News and Chesapeake. CHKD aquatic therapy services are also offered at the Williams Farm Recreation Center in Virginia Beach.

Augmentative Communication Clinic

To help patients with language disorders, CHKD's clinic is fully equipped with the latest technological advances in the field of augmentative communication.

Adaptive Seating Clinic

Children are evaluated and fitted for specialty wheelchairs, seating systems, and other durable medical equipment. In addition, a car seat program ensures the overall safety of the children in Hampton Roads.

Interactive Metronome

Specially trained therapists use a computer-based training program to improve attention, coordination, and timing in children with cognitive and physical difficulties, including ADHD. 

Serial Casting Clinic

Providing upper and lower extremity casting to increase range of motion for children with contracted or tight musculature. Therapists apply a series of casts to achieve an appropriate alignment and functional range of motion.

Splint Clinic

Specializing in creating (fabricating) orthotics, adaptive equipment, and hand splints. Examples are AFOs (ankle foot orthosis), knee extension splints, hand splints, Benik gloves, and other specialized equipment.

    Video Swallow Studies

    These tests examine the swallowing skills of patients with diagnosed or suspected swallowing dysfunction.

      Along with the clinics mentioned above we also participate in others. The Cleft and Craniofacial Center at CHKD has a specialized speech therapist working as an integral part of the team. In addition we participate in the Velopharyngeal Insufficiency (VPI) Clinic, which allows speech therapists to assess the severity of VPI in conjunction with ENTs.