Your Appointment: What to Expect

Prior to the visit we ask that you:

  • Bring copies of relevant prior medical, educational or behavioral assessments
  • Gather supportive information from your child’s teachers, therapists, friends, and family

At the visit, we will:

  • Ask you relevant questions about your child’s birth, medical, and developmental history
  • Complete a comprehensive physical and neurological evaluation, including observing your child naturally play and interact
  • Make recommendations about further evaluation, which may include:
    • Psychological and/or educational testing
    • MRI scan 
    • Genetic testing
    • Speech and language evaluation
    • Occupational and physical therapy evaluation 
    • Referrals to other needed medical specialties

After the visit, we will:

  • Schedule and coordinate appointments for further testing as determined by the clinical team
  • Review the results of testing with the multidisciplinary professionals
  • Determine the appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan individualized to your child, which we will bring you back in follow up to review.

For more information on CHKD's Autism Diagnostic Clinic, please call us at (757) 668-9920.