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General Care Unit 7C at CHKD

General Care Unit 7C

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CHKD's General Care Unit 7C, is a 32-bed unit for children ranging in age from newborn to 21. Using a "just for kids” approach with a multi-disciplinary team, the 7C staff members strive to provide the best family-centered care to patients who require medical management and pre/post-surgical management of a wide range of pediatric diagnoses.

Proficient caregivers for general pediatric disorders, 7C staff members are also regarded as CHKD experts on the following:

Patients with Diabetes 

Working collaboratively with the diabetes education center staff, certified diabetes educators, and social workers, the 7C staff provides these patients and their families with the best possible care, knowledge and information needed to manage this disease. The newly diagnosed patient and family will have a three-day, age-appropriate diabetic education session that will offer strategies for diabetic home management.

Patients with Pectus Excavatum

The 7C staff is proud to be the unit chosen to care for patients undergoing the Nuss procedure. This life-changing and minimally invasive procedure to repair chest deformities has a structured and comprehensive management plan developed and implemented by the 7C staff.

Patients with Burns

The 7C staff, in collaboration with physical therapists, occupational therapists, Child Life therapists, wound care specialists and the pain coordinator, uses age-appropriate diversion, pharmacological and comprehensive management to care for patients with burn injuries. This multidisciplinary team meets regularly and attends in-services and workshops to explore new techniques in burn management.

Orthopedic Patients

Many common and complex orthopedic disorders are repaired and managed at CHKD. Most of these patients receive post-operative care on this medical/surgery specialty unit. Throughout their stay, patients will receive quality care, including physical/occupational therapies, wound and pain management, and a comprehensive family discharge education.

Despite the multitude of challenging and ever-changing diagnoses presented daily, the staff on the medical/surgical specialty unit recognizes the unique needs for each patient. This bright and airy environment not only provides a safe and kid-friendly place for every patient, but also gives the staff an inviting workplace they are proud to call their own. With unit leadership supplying support and expert role-modeling, and a strong education team teaching the latest in pediatric trends, the goal of7C is to always bestow the highest quality of evidence-based culturally appropriate care.

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