Our Care

Any child or young adult with cancer or a blood disorder who requires hospitalization is admitted to our hematology/oncology unit, located on the 5th floor of the main hospital.

On this unit pediatric hematologists and oncologists lead a team of specially trained nurses and other medical professionals to care for patients with cancer and blood disorders.

Continuity of care is the primary focus. Interdisciplinary rounds occur every weekday to discuss the patient's condition and recommend changes in plans of care.

Special rooms equipped with HEPA-filtration systems keep immunocompromised patients protected from infection. 

Cancer treatment regimen protocols reflect the most current guidelines developed by the Children's Oncology Group, an international research collective on pediatric cancers. 

Daily Staffing

Daily staffing assignments are adjusted on the basis of census fluctuations and patient need. Nurse-to-patient ratio is one nurse to three or four patients, or one to two in certain circumstances.

One important goal is to ensure that the patient and family are involved in the daily activities of care and in the decisions necessary for treatment.


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