Nuss Center at CHKD: The Top Destination for Chest Wall Reconstruction

Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters, located in Norfolk, Virginia, has been the nation’s number one center for the treatment and understanding of chest wall deformities for more than 20 years. Dr. Donald Nuss, 2022 Ladd Medal Recipient and his CHKD colleagues developed and refined the Nuss Procedure to correct pectus excavatum at our hospital. Over the years, our surgeons have performed more than 2,800 operations to correct chest wall deformities, far more than any other center in North America.

Leading through Innovation, Research and Education 

As the innovative creators of a kinder, gentler way to correct pectus excavatum, CHKD surgeons are proud to maintain the leadership established by Dr. Nuss. Our surgeons have published more than 70 studies on chest wall deformities, sharing surgical and non-surgical outcomes, measuring the effectiveness of new surgical techniques and equipment, and advancing the understanding of how chest wall defects affect children’s cardiovascular endurance and self-image. Our unique combination of experience and knowledge have made CHKD the go-to facility for all aspects of chest wall treatment, from consultation and non-surgical interventions to the most complex reconstructive operations. 

Are You a Candidate for Treatment at CHKD?

The two main conditions we treat at CHKD are pectus excavatum, where the chest is sunken in toward the spine, and pectus carinatum, where the chest protrudes outward like a bird’s. CHKD offers a variety of treatments for both conditions, including non-surgical options such as bracing. We treat patients from all over the country—and from other countries on occasion.  Please let us know if you would like a new patient packet and an appointment. You can call our office at (757) 668-6877 to set the initial consultation or email

Is it Pectus? Send us a Photo.

In most cases, chest wall deformities can be diagnosed with just a picture taken with your phone or any other device. If you prefer to send our team photos of your chest to review, please fill out this form and we'll contact you with more information. 

Share Your Nuss Center Story

Every Nuss Center patient has a story of their own and we want to hear yours. Share a short video of your experience at CHKD's Nuss Center and join the many others who have reached out to share their success stories. Learn more here.