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Welcome to the Nuss Center, Home of the Nuss Procedure. If your child has been diagnosed with pectus excavatum or funnel chest, pectus carinatum, or any other chest deformity, turn to the world-renowned experts at CHKD, trusted by the parents of thousands of patients.

A Leader in Chest Wall Reconstruction

As Home of the Nuss Procedure, CHKD has been treating chest wall conditions for almost 30 years. Because of its expertise when correcting chest wall deformities, CHKD hosted the 2016 Chest Wall International Group world conference, covering all facets of chest wall deformity and how to correct it.

CHKD's surgical staff performs the Nuss Procedure and the Ravitch procedure to correct pectus excavatum, corrects pectus carinatum through compression brace treatment as well as through surgery, and offers non-surgical correction of pectus excavatum for milder cases.

We specialize in the most complex and unique cases as well. 

View our Nuss Outcome Data.

Pectus Excavatum Treatment at CHKD

Pectus Carinatum Treatment at CHKD

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Meet Dr. Nuss

Read what U.S. News and World Report had to say about Dr. Donald Nuss, creator of the Nuss Procedure.

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